IMF Alternate Executive Director position that Prof. W.D. Lakshman rejected

In his Zoom press briefing, the outgoing Governor said that he had declined a lucrative offer from IMF to accept the post of Alternate Executive Director, due to his policies and principles. The background of the academic shows that he was a Marxist who even held the post of Chairman of the leftist Social Scientists’ Association (SSA) of Sri Lanka.

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Long march thanks to her mother

SSP Darshika Kumari Ranasinghaarachchi thinks that she can render more service than her previous assignments through her new position as the Director of Police Children and Women Abuse Prevention Bureau. “About 65% of the population are women and children. My task is resolving the problems they face. I attend to each problem daily.”

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What is UNHRC resolution 46/1 on Sri Lanka?

The resolution titled ‘Promoting reconciliation, accountability and human rights in Sri Lanka’ boosts the powers of the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights with a view to future prosecutions.

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Sri Lankan health officials sell free COVID-19 vaccine for Rs. 5,000

We talked to a person who had offered Rs. 5,000 (approximately 26 US dollars) to obtain the Oxford AstraZeneca vaccine that is administered free of charge by the Sri Lanka government. The individual, whose identity we do not disclose, offered this bribe to health officials at an office of the Medical Officer of Health (MOH) in Colombo city to obtain a token for the vaccine from a Public Health Inspector (PHI).

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Bimshani Jasing Arachchi – the first woman Deputy Inspector General of Sri Lanka Police

Mrs. Bimshani Jasing Arachchi was promoted as Sri Lanka’s first woman Deputy Inspector General (DIG) in October 2020, creating history in Sri Lanka’s 154 years old police service. The march of DIG Bimshani Jasing Arachchi in her career in police service is an example to Sri Lanka’s women. She is presently the DIG in charge of police administrative grievances division and called as police ombudsman.

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How the American Community reacts to COVID 19 Vaccines.

My wife who works at an assisted living care facility has obtained the first shot of the vaccine. She told me that the instructions from the state clearly indicate that Pfizer and Moderna are both Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. mRNA are molecules that provide instruction. They do not contain a virus that causes COVID-19. mRNA vaccines teach our cells to create an immune response so that the body knows how to fight with the virus if it is later exposed to the virus. Once your body learns how to create the immune response, it breaks down and gets rid of the mRNA.

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