COVID-19 vaccination in the US

How the American Community reacts to COVID 19 Vaccines.

Rajendra Wijesinghe

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the United States has authorized the Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna COVID-19 vaccines. People’s responses to the vaccine are the same as Sri Lanka. However, with the introduction of the vaccine, the curves of the graphs of COVID-19 cases and deaths daily reported in both US and the world are gradually turning downwards.

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My wife who works at an assisted living care facility has obtained the first shot of the vaccine. She told me that the instructions from the state clearly indicate that Pfizer and Moderna are both Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccines. mRNA are molecules that provide instruction. They do not contain a virus that causes COVID-19. mRNA vaccines teach our cells to create an immune response so that the body knows how to fight with the virus if it is later exposed to the virus. Once your body learns how to create the immune response, it breaks down and gets rid of the mRNA.

However, the state further says “The vaccine will work for most people but it will not work for everyone. We do not know yet how long the protection will last. We also do not know whether or how often you may need to get the revaccinated.” But, in clinical trials, both vaccines are shown to be safe and 94% effective. Further, the authorities have thoroughly instructed that even after vaccinated, the public need to practice the existing COVID-19 prevention methods; wash hands, wear face masks and keep a distance.

Each vaccine requires two doses at least 21 days (Pfizer) or 28 days (Moderna) apart, while Pfizer is authorized for 16 and above while Moderna 18 and above

She experienced mild side effects, including pain on her arm, where she got the shot, body aches and tiredness that went away around a couple of days. She is anxiously waiting for the second shot

She further added “Only around 30% of our staff has obtained the first doze. 70% still wants to observe the outcome at a time that America records nearly 4,000 deaths a day. They are more anxious to observe the side effects than to face the deaths. They justify the gossips to avoid taking vaccines.”

Ignorance is global. Therefore, the fight for knowledge is also global.


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