A visit to Dediyagala Aranya (hermitage)

Travel along Akuressa – Katanwila Road about 8 km. Then turn right to Bangama road. Pass Bangama and travel about 5 km. Turn left and travel about 3 km on a difficult road to reach the serene Dediyagala Aranyaya hermitage, a monastery by the side of a stream that flows through a beautiful jungle. This is one of Sri Lanka’s serenest places.

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Right through the path you travel to go there, Digili Dola (brook) flows by the side. There are many places suitable to have an enjoyable bath. The bathing place nearest to the monastery is restricted for devotees, who offer alms to the Bikkus in the monastery. It is difficult to express feelings as the body lies upon the cold, crystal water.

When we reached the monastery, there were six Bikkus, who were meditating. That was a calm and cool place with tweets of birds, hum of winds and the murmur of flowing water.

Digili Dola meets Nilwala River at Ladduwa. Residents in the area say that there are crocodiles downstream. Majority go to Dediyagala to bathe in Digili Dola since it is believed safe there.