Sapphire Paine in Mothering (2018)

Mothering; a short movie on first periods of a girl

This movie is about a girl experiencing the first periods in her first night at a house where she is offered foster care. She is nursed by the elderly woman in the house at a time she needs lot of love.

The director says, “I remember when I was about 14, my parents were in the middle of a divorce and I got a really painful period while I was staying with my grandparents. My grandma had a sixth sense; she ran me a bath, left a hot water bottle in the kitchen, and made me a homely meal. I always found her sense of calm and certainty amazing to be around, and that’s where a large part of the story came from.”

First period is a traumatic experience for a young girl, specially when she is in a strange environment and she needs care of loving hearts and not tons of words. This movie depicts the girl’s feelings and the elderly mother’s care very artistically through subtle, silent gestures.

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Cover photo: Sapphire Paine in Mothering (2018), RD Casting