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How Sri Lanka police tortured their own officer

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S. Buddhika Madhushan is a constable of Sri Lanka police who has been subjected to the brutality of his own colleagues in relation to a probe on the loss of a revolver belonged to the police.

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Buddhika, whose father is also a police officer, joined Sri Lanka police on 15th July 2016. He initially served in Ahangama police station in Galle district and was transferred to Maradana police station in 2019.

Buddhika suffered from fever on March 26 and stayed at home on medical leave. After that, he reported to the nearest police station, Payagala, due to COVID-19 curfew.

While he was working in Payagala police station, he had to go to Colombo for duty on 15th July.

“When I returned to the police station, I was informed that a police revolver had been lost since April 13th. It was used by a Sub Inspector finally. We looked for the revolver everywhere but failed to find it out,” said Buddhika.

“On 18th April, I was to report to duty at 10 p.m. However, I was summoned for special duty at 3 p.m. I was asked to report on civvies. When I came to the police station, I was taken to the Divisional Crime Unit at Katukurunda. My phone was seized and I was taken to a room. Four police officers including the OIC of the unit and Inspector Weerasiri put handcuffs on me and brutally assaulted me with a club. They asked me to return the lost weapon. When I said I had been unaware of it, they continued beating and torturing me until 6 p.m. I was taken to Payagala police station at 10 p.m. and I was arrested there. They did not give me even water.

” I was produced before the Magistrate at her residence in Kalutara North. I was not allowed to be represented by a lawyer. The magistrate remanded me until April 28th. She ordered to produce me before a doctor. I was taken to the police post in Nagoda hospital and shown to a doctor. I told that I had been assaulted but the doctor did not record or care.”

Buddhika Madushan

Buddhika was bailed out on May 1st. He has now been suspended from duty.

“The senior officials tortured me and arrested me to relieve themselves from the responsibility of the theft. I now suffer as a result of the torture. I was humiliated by this false allegation and now I cannot face the society,” Buddhika said.

This story is an example of how Sri Lanka police treat their own officials.


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