E.W. Adikaram and S.J.V. Chelvanayakam

Two great Lankans with one hairstyle

There are two Sri Lankan lookalikes whose names are written in the history in golden letters.

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Both of them are visionaries. One is the founder of Tamil federalism and a historic Tamil politician. The other is identified as an educationist, a writer, a philosopher and a social activist popular among Sinhala people.

The first is S.J.V. Chelvanayakam (right). E.W. Adikaram (left) is the second who is actually a student of Chelvanayakam.

When E.W. Adikaram was learning in Wesley College, Colombo, Chelvanayakam was a teacher there who taught mathematics and science. Adikaram recalls that his teacher came to school two hours before the start of the school and taught the brilliant student Adhikaram to prepare him for the Cambridge senior examination.

Chelvanayakam was Adikaram’s ideal and the latter has written in his autobiography that he made his hair like his teacher Chelvanayakam.