Social media ban in Sri Lanka should not be active over a long period – Free Media Movement

Free Media Movement (FMM) of Sri Lanka states that the social media block that has been imposed as a temporary solution after the Easter Sunday series of bomb attacks, should not be active over a long period.

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“Justifying the social media block, authorities stated it was to avoid circulation of fake news that could cause public panic. Yet the block also did obstruct the public their right to accurate and responsible information that were posted on social media. Hence, we, the Free Media Movement, emphasize that this social media block that has been imposed as a temporary solution, should not be active over a long period.

“In the current situation, the Free Media Movement wishes to emphasize that the media also has a responsibility in shouldering a reasonable share of the ardent task of rebuilding the society and to strengthen the fractured democratic atmosphere of the country. At this critical moment, engaging in accurate reporting is the key responsibility of the media, leaving zero space for hateful and enraging ideas. At the same time, we highly value the efforts taken by media to maintain a relatively better improved reporting during this horrendous situation,” FMM said in a communique issued signed by its Convener C. Dodawatta.

FMM further denied the threats targeting professional journalists. “Mr. Azzam Ameen, BBC journalist reported to have experienced similar threatening situations as a result of his reporting. If there is a problem with reporting in media there exist a standard method and a system for the readers or the receivers to respond. We vehemently condemn such attacks on professional journalists without giving the journalist a chance to respond.” 

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