Namal Rajapaksa and Limini Weerasinghe

Namal Rajapaksa’s family is now linked to exiled journalists

Namal Rajapake, eldest son of Mahinda Rajapakse, former president and current Opposition Leader married a close relative of a self-exiled journalist couple who fled the country due to threats from Rajapakse regime.  Also, he is now a close relative of an Inspector General of Police, whose name was reported in the investigations of the assassination of Sunday Leader newspaper editor Lasantha Wickramatunga. (Read this article in Sinhala language>>)

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Namal’s bride Limini Weerasignhe’s mother is Aruni Wickramaratne. She is a brilliant sportswoman in Sri Lanka. Former member of Parliament in Anamaduwa , Saddhatissa Wadigamangawa , a teacher, a translator and an author is one of the most respected uncle of Aruni. Wadigamangawa translated “Zorba the Greek” of Nikos Kazantzakiss into Sinhala.

Saddhatissa Wadigamangawa

Saddhatissa Wadigamangawa’s daughter, Dewika Wadigamangawa is an author and a journalist married to journalist Sanath Balasooriya. Balasooriya and Poddala Jayantha were two leaders of Working Journalists’ Association. During the time of war, then Secretary to the Ministry of Defense, Gotabhaya Rajapaksea threatened both Poddala Jayantha and Sanath Balasuriya directly. Poddala jayantha was later abducted by a group in a white van, attacked him seriously and crushed his bones.

Sanath balasuriya

Thereafter Sanath Balasuriya and Devika Wadigamangawa went to self -exile to save their lives. Both of them were awarded for Sinhala literature recently.

Sanath Balasuriya’s collection of poetry won the Godage Literary Awards for creative contribution on poetry in 2018.

Devika Wadigamangawa obtained obtain the award for the best translation of children’s literature at state literary festival held in 2018. She refused to obtain the award from a politician at the festival which was held under the patronage of President Mathripala Sirisena. Accordingly, she accepted the award from veteran writers Buddhadasa Galappaththi and Somarathna Balasuriya.

Thirteen journalists were murdered in Sri Lanka between the period from January, 2006 to 15th January, 2015, during the time of the Rajapaksa regime, said Minister Sagala Ratnayaka in the parliament responding to a question posed by Kalutara District JVP Parliamentarian Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa. Further, 87 journalists were assaulted, four media institutions were attacked and about 20 journalists were arrested during the period Namal Rajapaksa’s father ruled the country.

Devika Wadigamangawa

Former Inspector General of Police (IGP), Jayantha Wickramaratna is Namal’s bride Lamini Weerasinghe’s mother’s father’s younger brother. Criminal Investigation Department has reported to the judiciary that the investigations revealed that IGP jayantha Wickramaratna ordered to destroy evidence related to the murder of Lasantha Wickramathunga during Rajapaksa’s regime.

Namal’s bride Lamini Weerasinghe studied at Bishop’s College, Colombo. Currently she reads for Business Administration. She practices African drums and conducted a drum concert by the name of “Ghosha” just prior to leaving the school.

Lamini’s father Thilak Weerasinghe is a frontline businessman in the field of sports tourism. He is the owner of SLR (Lanka Sportsreizen). He was a champion in rowing and windsurfing. Lamini has a younger brother. He is Janith Weerasinghe and studies in an international school. There hail from Yakkala in Gampaha district.

Thilak Weerasinghe